Cainite Merits and Flaws
Index (This index only includes the Categories that have unique cainite merits and flaws)
Kindred Society
Fairy Bloodline

    The psychological merits and flaws deal directly with the psychological makeup of your character, and may describe ideals, motivations, or pathologies.

Controllable Thirst +1 merit (CBT)
    There is no need to buy this flaw unless you are a supernatural who must live on blood or human energy.
    Whenever the supernatural makes a frenzy roll due to hunger add +10 to the roll.

Prey Exclusion -1 flaw (VPG)
    This flaw is only viable for vampires. The vampire refuses to live on a certain type of blood. This prey exclusion can be just about anything but must have an affect. The vampire is disturbed anytime anyone feeds on this type of prey, and could possibly enter frenzy. If you accidentally feed on this class of prey you will automatically enter frenzy and must make add 1 to the Beastial gained.

    These merits and flaws are different kinds of supernatural benefits or detriments.

Discipline Affinity +5 merit
    The supernatural has a particular affinity for a particular discipline. Despite her clan this discipline is as easy to learn as a clan discipline for that supernatural.  This gives an entirely extra clan discipline making that supernaturals total 5 clan disciplines.  This gives no extra discipline dots.
    Thaumaturgy cannot be taken in this way because it is handled by the Thaumaturgy affinity merit.

Discipline Affinity (clan) +4 merit
    The supernatural has a particular affinity for one of his clan disciplines. The exact affect of the ability is different for different disciplines. The affect is approximately that of being one half level more powerful in that discipline. Therefore, Auspex may get an extra die for all danger sense roll and have a particularly sharp and exacting Aura Read and Object Read. Potence might give a +2 bonus to normal strength rolls as well as the automatic success affects.
    Thaumaturgy Affinity cannot be taken because it is handled by the Thaumaturgy affinity merit.

Greedy Beast -4 flaw
    This character's Beast is especially hungry. The character each time he feeds tends to glut himself. Even if the character is only one blood point low he will tend to drink three blood points (the extra two have no additional affect and make the character feel bloated for a bit). The character makes a Will roll (difficulty 10) to avoid glutting himself.  Each time the character gluts add 1 to temporary Beastial.

Sloppy Eater -3 flaw
    The character cannot lick wounds and tends to leave marks on her victims. She does no additional damage but the marks left are obviously the marks of two sharp teeth. Also the wounds made must heal normally so she cannot feed on the main arteries without causing her victims to bleed to death. Not feeding on the main artery halves the feeding rate of the character.

    This is merits and flaws related to the character's inner Beast.  See Beastial rating for more information

Beastial Resistance (+4 merit)
    The character has a greater resistance to the Beast.  The character instead of having 5 temporary Beastial points has 10 temporary Beastial points.  All other effects of Beastial are the same.

Primal Outlook (+3 merit)
    The character has an easier time tapping into their Beastial nature.  The character's difficulty to access their Beast is difficulty 5 instead of difficulty 10.

Beastial Susceptibility (-3 flaw)
    The character has a greater difficulty with allowing the Beast to take control.  They only lose temporary beastial by spending willpower to get rid of it.

Extra Beastial (-1 to -5 flaw)
    The character has 1 extra point of permanent beastial at the beginning of the game per point in this flaw.

Rational Mind (-2 flaw)
    The character has a particularly rational and logical outlook and has difficulty trusting the warnings of emotions and instincts.  The character cannot add the beastial level to perception rolls.  He also must make a die roll Beastial rating + d10 difficulty 15 to access his Beast to ride a frenzy.

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Kindred Society
    These merits and flaws deal with the supernaturals place within the supernatural society of which they are a part.  These merits and flaws are split into four sections: General (those merits that are social group specific but can fit into any group), Anarch specific (those only availible to Anarch vampires), Camarilla specific (those availible only to Camarilla vampires) and Sabbat specific (those only availible to Sabbat Vampires).


Boon +1 to +3 merit (VPG)
    An elder owes you a favor. The extent of the boon owed you depends on how many points you spend. One point would indicate a relatively minor boon, while three points would indicate that the elder probably owed you his very existence.

Clan Enmity -2 flaw (VPG)
    For some reason, something about you inspires contempt or hatred in members of another clan other than your own. Add 5 to the difficulty on any social dealings with that clan. The clan will also do you dirty if given the chance. Select the "enemy" clan.

Clan Friendship +3 merit (VPG)
    For any number or different reasons - appearance, bearing, background or demeanor - something about you appeals to the members of a clan other than your own (player's choice). Add +5 to all rolls related to social dealings with members of this clan. The clan will assist you and expect you to do the same for them when possible. This can be a two-edged sword; you are also marked by other clans as being a sympathizer with that clan.

Diabolic Sire -2 flaw (VPG)
    Your sire is engaged in acts that could cause a tremendous uproar within your social group of vampires. She could be wantonly breaking the Masquarade, or hunting down the elders of the city and feasting on their blood. Archons are likely to come to you in order to discover your sire's whereabouts, and they may not believe you if you tell them that you do not know.

Fairy Bloodline +4 merit
    This merit gives the vampire fairie affinity, access to the fairy discipline (Mythcaria) as a clan discipline, as well as access to all fairy bloodline merits and flaws (no other supernatural may take these merits and flaws except in very specific cases constructs). Note: There are no Lillanite Fairykin.
    The character must take at least one point of iron sensitivity though the character does get points for the flaw.
    All fairy blood line merits and flaws are found in a section on their own.

Generation +3/+7/+12/+19/+28/+39/ merit
    Before this merit is bought five points must be spent in the background generation. The point cost is +3 for 7th generation, +7 for 6th generation, +12 for 5th generation.  Also the minimum generation available for a player character is fifth generation. If for some reason the gm decides to allow generation below fifth charge 19 points for fourth, 28 points for third, 39 points for second and  52 for 1st (Lillanite only).
     All the natural results of generation are the characters. Disciplines and Attributes over five may only be bought with freebie points or experience points.

Infamous Sire -1 flaw (VPG)
    Your sire was, and perhaps still is, distrusted and disliked by many of the Kindred in the city. As a result, you are distrusted and disliked as well. This is a heavy load, and is not easily shed.

Insane Sire -1 flaw (VPG)
    Your sire has completely lost his grip on reality, and has become dangerously insane. Any wrong committed by your sire may affect your standing, and some of your sire's dangerous schemes may somehow involve you.

Notoriety -3 flaw (VPG)
    You have a bad reputation among the vampiric social group within your chosen city. This may be your own reputation, or it may be derived from your sire. Add 5 to the difficulty of any dice rolls for social dealings with your city's own vampiric members (they must of course be part of the vampiric social group of which you are a part). A character with this flaw cannot take the merit reputation.

Pawn +3 merit (VPG)
    You can manipulate and have some control over another more powerful vampire (an elder of some power.). Your control can come from a Blood Bond or knowing a Dark Secret. The pawn does not necessarily know he is being controlled or by whom.

Prestigious Sire +1 merit (VPG)
    Your Sire (or in the case of Demonkin parents) has great status in your vampiric social group and this has accorded you a peculiar honor. Most treat you with respect as a result, though some will particularly dislike you for your luck. This can greatly aid in dealing with those that are acquainted with your Sire. This merit simply affords you opportunities others lack.

Reputation +2 merit (VPG)
    You have a good reputation among the vampiric social group within your chosen city. This may be your own reputation, or it may be derived from your sire. Add +5 to all dice rolls for social dealings with your city's own vampires members (they must of course be part of the vampiric social group of which you are a part). A character with this flaw cannot take the merit notoriety.

Sire's Resentment -1 flaw (VPG)
    Your Sire dislikes you and wishes you ill. Given the smallest opportunity, your sire will seek to do you harm, and may even attack you if provoked. Your sire's friends will also work against you, and many elders will thus dislike and resent you.

Twisted Upbringing -1 flaw (VPG)
    Your sire was quite malevolent and taught you all the wrong things about Kindred society. All your beliefs about how vampires interact are wrong, and your faulty beliefs are likely to get you in a great deal of trouble. Over time, after many hard lessons, you can overcome this bad start (the storyteller will tell you when). But until then, you will continue to believe what you were first told, no matter how others try to "trick" you into thinking otherwise.

Anarch Specific
    None added currently but soon

Camarilla Specific
    None added currently but soon

Sabbat Specific
    None added currently but soon

Fairy Bloodline
    For an unknown reason.  A fairy if Embraced gains a new sort of power.  A fairy who is Embraced and all of his progeny become what is called Fairykin.  They are vampire they all possess the normal aspects of their clan but they are also different.  Fairykin are known for a unique way of looking at the world. (For more on the Fairykin see the file). Note: There are no Lillanite Fairykin.
    Note: Access to any of these merits and flaws in this list requires the Fairy Bloodline Merit found under Kindred Ties.  The only exceptions are Chimerical Magnet and Fairy Companion which a character with Fairy affinity may take.

Accelerate Healing +3 merit
   The fairykin can double someone's healing rate. This allows them to heal wounds that would not normally heal at all as well. The fairykin must stay near the recipient the entire time. Only one person can be so treated at one time. Permanent wounds heal at a rate of one week per point of damage taken.

Aquatic +2 merit
    The fairykin can function completely normally underwater. They are not hampered by water in any way though they can swim through it. The fairykin moves at normal running speed underwater (celerity functions at running speed underwater).

Bound By Iron -1 to -4 flaw
    The character's actions are restricted in some way whenever held by iron. The character is considered to be held whenever iron encircles some part of his body (ring, manacles, collar). The item must be made completely of iron. Examples:

Points Example
-1 cannot harm the one who bound you (though you can run away get it off then harm the binder) 
-2 cannot break bond given while bound.
-3 cannot lie or twist the truth while bound.
-4 character is completely under the control of the binder. Any orders given while bound must be carried out to the best of the fairykin's ability (even if the iron is removed). The only thing that releases the fairykin from a given command is torpor. The fairykin may spend one willpower per turn to resist a given command. 
 Chimerical Magnet -5 point flaw (c2nd)
    The character draws the attention of various other fairies including the larger and more annoying ones like dragons and sphinxes.  This may occasionally come in handy but if these creatures must make a choice of one to approach or follow you will be the one.  Since their interests are not your own this can become bothersome and fairly often downright dangerous.

Cloven Hooves +2 merit
    The character has cloven hooves that do Str + 2 damage. The character must take the Satyr appearance flaw or something similar to have this merit. Though they do get points for the flaw.

Control Element +3 merit
    The fairykin has access to a psychic gift related to one of the following elements. This gift may be bought more than once (though with more than one it is more efficient to buy the psychic merit). The psychic gift is built under the psychic gift system and paid for separately. The gift must be very basic in form.
    Allowable gifts under this merit: weather control, air control, earth control, fire control, water control, river control or something similar with storyteller approval.

Echoes -2 to -5 flaw (c2nd)
    This character is strongly affected by the legends of the fairy in some way. 

Points Descriptor Examples (For the points to count the character must take all the flaws listed to be sufficient)




Salt thrown over the shoulder for good luck protects the character from fairy powers.  Any mortal who does this cannot be affected by supernatural affects of the character.  Additionally any mortal knowing you full name can command three tasks from you, which you must accomplish before you can be freed.  However, you only have to follow the mortal's exact wording. 




You may not enter a home without invitation, unless you perform some small favor for the owners of the dwelling.  However, the invitation to enter a home may come from anyone at all, it need not be the owner.  Cold Iron in a residence will bar you from entering the place whether you are invited or not; some religious symbols have the same effect.  Religious symbols of any sort will prevent you from harming mortals physically or magically.  The sound or churchbells cause you pain. 




Four-leaf clovers in the possession of a mortal prevent you from affecting them with supernatural affects.  However, anytime you pick a four-leaf clover you will have good luck until the petals fall off the clover (you cannot botch while you have it).  The clover must be be carried or worn for this to have effect.  Any mortal wearing their clothing inside out is invisible to you.  You may not cross running water save by a bridge.  Some religious symbols are repellant to you and will chase you away.  The shadow of a cross falling across you causes one normal health level of damage (certain other religious objects may have a similar affect).  You cannot enter holy ground without taking one health level of damage. 




Wherever you dwell, mushrooms tend to bloom in a fairie ring -- even on plastic or a plush carpet.  People will often follow you if you request it gaining a dazed look.  However, you cannot affect supernaturally  any who wears a religious symbol.  You must make a willpower roll to touch holy ground and you take one health level of damage per turn you are on holy ground 
 Fairy Companion +1 to +6 merit
    A fairy travels with you and is intelligent and can speak normally. The limits on the friendship depend on how the character treats the companion. The merit may be bought more than once.
Points Effect
+1 relatively minor and usually mischievous
+2 about as useful as most retainers 
+3 more powerful and useful 
+4 very powerful about as powerful as pc, 
+5 highly powerful slightly more powerful than pc, 
+6 more powerful than pcs, 
 Fairy Eyes +1 merit
    The fairykin can see better at night than most vampires. Add up to +5 to counteract the modifiers from shadow or darkness night on sight rolls.

Healing +3 to +6 merit
    The fairykin can heal 3 points of damage (+3) or 6 points of damage (+6) in another or themselves. This ability works only once per wound. The +6 level of this ability allows the fairykin to heal 2 points of aggravated damage as well.
    This ability takes one minute to use and requires touch.

Horns +1 merit
    The fairykin has horns that do d6+3 damage. The character may take the horns flaw or simply justify it as very small sharp horns. When using a Storyteller Combat rules the character has for free a combat maneuver using the horns though others may be creatable as well.

Improved Characteristic +4 merit
    One of the fairykin's attributes are epic in proportion. (viable attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Appearance, Perception). Add two to the character's attribute. This ability may be bought more than once but not for the same attribute.
    The attribute must be bought to the character max before this is bought. If the character's generation is lowered the new max is now +2 of the normal for that generation. Example a character with 8th generation could give himself (with attribute and freebie points) a ten in Appearance. He pays for the merit and gives himself a 12 in Appearance. If he somehow lowers his generation to 7th. His Appearance will remain a 12 but it will be possible for him to have a 14 in Appearance if he pays to up the attribute.

Inhuman Appearance -1 to -4 flaw
    This flaw cannot be bought for points if the character is Samedi. Any merits associated with the appearance must be bought. Examples:

Points Example
-1 Fairy Eyes (your eyes are luminous and reflect light)(note merit includes this flaw), pointed ears 
-2 horns (six inch to foot long horns) 
-3 inhuman appearance (looks like a cat or dog). You must pay for the power of the shape.  Misshapen limbs (long arms reaching below the knees, reversed joints, incredibly long thin legs) 
-4 satyr appearance (horns, very hairy, slightly inhuman torso, cloven hooves, goat legs) 
-5 alien features (looking like a griffin, or a dragon) must buy all merits and associated with the form may take extra points in flaws to make the form accurate. 
 Iron Sensitivity -1 to -5 flaw
    At least one level of this flaw must be taken. Iron alloys such as steel also cause this effect. This assumes a significant piece of iron is touched contacting enough skin. Therefore, if just the tip of a steel ring touches them extend the time appropriately. If they are thrown against a metal door and held there lessen the time appropriately.
    The standard is approximately normal weapon sized. (knife to normal sized sword).
Points Effect
-1 touching iron gives the character a rash where it touches (requires a few seconds). 
-2 the character takes an extra d6 of damage from iron. Make a Body Type roll (difficulty 7) to avoid taking damage from simply touching iron requires 10 seconds/roll. 
-3 take aggravated damage from iron though no extra damage and stamina may attempt to soak damage. Make Body Type rolls to avoid normal damage from touching iron (difficulty 8) requires 10 seconds/roll. 
-4 take aggravated damage from simply touching iron 1 pointl/10 seconds (fortitude may soak)  Take aggravated damage from iron (fortitude may soak). The skin visibly burns from the touch of iron even if a full health level is not taken.
-5 exactly as -4 except one die is subtracted from all dice rolls when around a significant amount of iron. (examples: in a car, in a factory, in an iron cage, or near someone covered with iron, some buildings). 
 Plant Empathy +2 merit
    The fairykin can send and receive basic emotions from plants. Obvious uses include asking for help following a trail, requests for warnings. Other uses are up to creative interpretation of the moment.
    The fairykin must be within 10 feet of the plants to be communicated with.

Plant Speech +4 merit
    The fairykin can speak to plants. The fairykin must be within 10 yards of the plants to be spoken to. Basic information may be given but it must be information that a plant could comprehend. The character need not speak out loud.

Retractable Claws +1 merit
    The fairykin has retractable claws that do 2d6 normal damage and in appropriate circumstances adds +3 to any climbing rolls.. This replaces the vampires normal claws.

Shapeshifter +4 to +6 merit + cost of forms
    The extra forms must be bought separately. +4 to be allowed a single extra form, +6 to be allowed to purchase as many forms as you wish. These forms require storyteller ok and are usually restricted to existing natural creatures.
    Shapeshifting takes one full turn of concentration. To shapeshift while doing another task requires a Will roll variable difficulty depending on the complexity of the task.

Points Effect
+0 small form about the size and usefulness of a mouse. (after the second such form each additional form of this type costs 1 point)
+1 small about the size and usefulness of a bat or housecat 
+2 about the power and usefulness of a midsized feline (lynx, bobcat). Small monkey
+3 about the power and usefulness of a small wolf, or a midsized monkey (baboon).
+4 about the power and usefulness of a leopard, small bear, or monkey (orangutan) 
+5 about the power and usefulness of a tiger, large bear, gorilla 
 Shrink +3 to +9 merit
    The fairykin may at will shrink himself up to 20% her body mass per +1 (minimum points spent +3 maximum +9). The shrinking is in proportion to the character's size and shape. The character may shrink to any size in between their maximum shrinkage and their natural weight. If the character can shapeshift the shrink may be from any form. It is suggested that the player record her minimum weight and size somewhere. After 20% is reached on the chart go to 10%, 5%, 1%, .5%, .25%.
    Example a 200 lb man can shrink to 40% his body weight (80 lbs) for +3 points, 20% his body weight (40 lbs) for +4 points, 10% his body weight (20 lbs) for +5 points, 5% his body weight (10 lbs) for +6 points, 1% his body weight (2 lbs) for +7 points, .5% his body weight (1 lb) for +8 points, or .25% his body weight (1/2 lb) for +9 points.

Winged Flight +3 to +6 merit
    The character can fly due to wings. These wings must be sufficient size to fly. The character can fly at approximately 3x movement speed with the maneuverability of a bird. However, the merit does not include the training to fly properly without a flight talent the character must roll straight Reflexes for almost any maneuver.  The wings protrude from the back.  The actual type of wings is up to the character and may have some effect as well.
    The character may pay 2 less points for this merit and only be able to fly when shrunk if he has more than 4 points spent into the shrink advantage.  (Note the wings are still there just proportional to the size purchased).  This may allow the character to halt a fall or glide very short distances.
    The character may pay 1 less point for this merit and have wings that are directly attached to the characters arms and waist.  Add up to 5 to some reflex checks.

    These merits and flaws deal with your physical makeup.

Baby Face +2 merit (VPG)
    You look more human than others of your kind. This merit may only be bought by those immortals that look moderately human but has certain strong differences (ie no Samedi may have this merit).
    A vampire who has this merit has pink skin, their heart never stopped beating, they breath naturally and even sneeze. Also all normal fluids flow through their body instead of blood (ie tears, sweat, etc). The possessor of the merit may willingly stop all these effects but it takes concentration to do this.

Blunt Teeth -1 flaw (CBN)
    This flaw is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this flaw is allowed. This flaw is limited to vampires.
    Your teeth are huge and square. The difficulty to any bite rolls it +5 higher, and once you have locked your teeth into prey, you automatically do two extra points of damage for every two blood points taken.

Low Thirst +4 merit (1)
    Some vampires are often away from society for weeks at a time. Possessors of this merit have and advantage over other vampires since sometimes sources of blood are hard to come by in the wild.
    Add +5 to any Will rolls to resist hunger.  Furthermore, the vampire may by a powerful act of will (Will roll difficulty 15 made upon first going to sleep) may only use one blood point every two days to maintain herself. However, this cannot be maintained for more than a month and for one day per day this ability was used the vampire uses three blood points to maintain herself.

Misplaced Heart +2 merit (VPG)
    This merit may only be bought by a construct or a vampire.
    Your heart is actually in a different place in your body, though it is still in the chest cavity. Those who attempt to transfix the heart find it difficult to find the right location. After they hit roll a d10 if they roll a 2 or under they hit the heart. For each additional strike to the chest add 2 more to the effective roll on the d10. Therefore on the second successful strike they can roll anything under a 4, third anything under a 6, and on the fifth successful strike they are guaranteed to hit the heart. A successful strike to the chest that would normally go through the heart is required to get the d10 roll. Once a particular foe finds your heart he will know where it is.

Permanent Wound -3 flaw (VPG)
    This flaw may only be taken by vampires.
    You suffered injuries during the Embrace, which your sire did nothing to repair. You take 3 points of damage each night.  These points must be healed normally. This can be healed as normal damage by spending the blood necessary but each evening the wound is back.

Selective Digestion -3 flaw (VPG)
    Only vampires may take this flaw.
    You can only digest certain kinds of blood. You can chose what type of restriction this is. Examples are someone who can only digest cold blood or blood with the taste of fear or sex present in it. Another type of example would be blood from a certain blood type.

Thin-Blooded -4 flaw (VPG)
    To take this flaw you must be a vampire with no points put in the generation background. You are in fact a fourteenth generation vampire.
    You have weak blood, and are unable to use it for anything but sustaining yourself from night to night and healing your wounds. Blood cannot be used to add to your Physical Attributes, or to fuel any discipline that takes blood. When you attempt to embrace a childer half of the time it simply will not work under which case the potential vampire dies.

Vitae Pool +5 merit
    The character for some unknown reason has a seperate vitae pool.  This vitae pool is equal to 5 and regenerates normally.  This vitae pool may be used to power disciplines that normally take blood.
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