Merits and Flaws
General Merits and Flaws
    This is the general list of merits and flaws.  These flaws may be taken by any who have a justification.  However, supernatural merits and flaws may be reserved for those with a supernatural nature.

Cainite Vampire specific
    These flaws also include the social aspect.  This includes Camarilla society at this point.  Eventually there will be one for Sabbat society as well.  Demonkin may take many of Camarilla merits and flaws.

Fairy specific
    These are merits and flaws for the fairykind.  This will probably be a while in coming since I haven't completed the rules for fairies yet.

Immortal specific
    The special merits and flaws that are reserved for immortals.

Lillanite Vampire specific (some may repeat with Cainite)
    These merits and flaws are reserved for lillanite vampires.  Those that are repeated with the Cainite will also be listed here.

Mummy specific
    These are merits and flaws reserved for the mummy.  Since they aren't done yet this link may take a while to get to.

Spirit specific
    Merits and flaws specific to sprit society and social structure.  Since it isn't done yet this may take a while.

Werecreature specific
    Merits and flaws for werecreatures including social groups.  This text will be for the Children of Gaia.

Sources for merits and flaws
The Vampire Player's Guide = VPG
The Player's Guide to the Sabbat = SPG
The Werewolf Player's Guide = WPG
Bastet Changing Breeds book = BCB
The Clanbook Gangel = CBG
Changling 2nd Edition = C2nd
The Clanbook Nosferatu = CBN
The Clanbook Toreador = CBT
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The Internet Mitchell J. Gross = 1
Beastial  Lillanite Vampire Camarilla Vampire Sabbat Vampire Anarch Vampire