Vampiric Disciplines
There are three disciplines files.
Clan Discplines -- This file includes all the clan disciplines up to level 10 as well as a few example extra powers.
Created Disciplines -- This file includes information on how to create a discipline as well as all the disciplines that have been created by a vampires over the years.
Cross Discipline powers -- This file includes a list of cross discipline powers as well as information on how to create them.
Discipline Skill Required  Description
Animalism Yes The ability to control the Animal kingdom and the Beast within
Auspex Yes Supernatural awareness.
Balli Yes Use and worship of demonic power.
Bardo Yes Supression of the inner Beast of one's self or others
Celerity I No roll required. Supernatural speed of vampires.  Gives extra actions.
Celerity II No roll required. Supernatural speed and flight of vampiric legends
Chimestry Yes Physical Illusions
Dementation Yes The ability to drive the mind mad 
Dominate Yes The ability to directly control the mind and a person's actions
Ekstasis Yes The abilities related to physical pleasures 
Fortitude No skill required.  Supernatural toughness
Fusion Yes  The ability to bond with the mechanical world
Katalavehno Yes The ability to communciate over distances especially with fellow practitioners of the discipline
Melopominee Yes  The use of a supernatural voice for various effects
Mortis Yes  Control and power over the dead and dead bodies
Mytherceria Yes  Awakening of the vampire's affinity to fairies
Necromancy Yes The ability to read, summon and control spirits.  With a few abilties over dead bodies.
Obeah Yes Mystical healing and protection 
Obfuscate Yes Mental illusions and stealth
Obtenebration Yes Control over a mystical shadowland allowing control over shadows and use of shadows as a gate to that realm.
Osmosis Yes Manipulations of blood allowing easier feeding and blood bonding
Potence No roll required Supernatural strength
Presence Yes Manipulations of emotions
 Protean Yes Direct changes to the body
Quietus Yes Manipulations of the blood to make it poison to both vampire and mortal
Sanguinus Yes The ability to mystically connect abilities
Scriptus Yes The ability to bond with the written world.
Serpentis Yes The alterations given to the settites by Set imitating many traditional magics of Egypt.
Spiritus Yes The ability to use the power of the spirit world especially that of animal spirits.
Thanatosis Yes Manipulations of the physical body and the dead
 Vicissitude Yes Manipulations of the physical body
Visceratika Yes Bonding with earth and stone

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