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Creating Disciplines

Vampiric Disciplines are shared by several different supernatural creatures. This document will first give the system for creating new disciplines and then list the already existing disciplines. Most creatures when using disciplines that normally cost blood may spend vitae instead. Ghouls and Revanants cannot do this.

Vitae pool normally has a maximum of 10 and replinishes at a rate of 1/day.

Most disciplines have an ability related to their use. All Thaumaturgical paths have an ability related to their use. The ability is normally named after the discipline: Building New Disciplines

New Vampiric Disciplines can be created by building a 7 Giftedness Factor psychic gift. The character then creates the power of each level of the discipline going up to level 5. This discipline is considered to be a nonclan discipline for any other person that learns the discipline from the character.

Creating New Powers Under an Existing Discipline

Any Character who reaches a discipline level of 5 may create new powers for that discipline. The new power must be closely related to the named powers of the discipline. Extra powers are created with the psychic gift system at a specific level. There will be a few suggested powers under some of the disciplines.

The new powers cost as if buying that level again.

Example to buy the power under auspex to heighten any specific sense is a level 2 power. This would then cost 10 experience points for a clan and 14 experience points for a nonclan to buy.

Cross Discipline Powers.  These are powers that use the abilities of more than one discipline.

[not recommended for Player Character]

This discipline was originated by a small group of vampires demon worshipers. They served them for a number of years and even a few betrayed their former masters. The discipline was taught to them by the demons. It is demonic magic altered to be useable for supernaturals.

O Sense Sin

By making an Intelligence + Baali roll against a difficulty of the target's Will +10. The user can sense the subject's greatest character flaw (examples: low virtue, weak will, insanity).

OO Fear of the Wind Below

The use of this ability requires adds one to the character's temporary Beastial.
The user must first use sense sin to discern the tragic flaw of the target. She must then speak to he target, telling him of his inevitable damnation and lack of any hope of redemption. Roll Empathy + Baali difficulty target's Will rating +10.

Successses Effect
Flub The victim becomes immune to any further attempts to manipulate their mind by the practitioner that night.
1 success The victim flies into a terror frenzy.
3 successes The victim collapses into a useless panic.
OOO Flames of the Netherworld

The user of Baali may hurl blasts of flame which do 2d6 of damage for the first blood (vitae) point + d6 of damage / additional 2 blood (or vitae) point spent. Roll Reflexes + Athletics to hit (difficulty by range and situation.). This may enact a price roll Luck difficulty 10 if the character fails roll a second d10 if it is a 1 then a demon noticed. As time passes the demon may ask a price if the character does not agree to the price the demon will enact his own price. The price will usually begin as minor but from that point on the character meets the same demon and the price gets larger and larger.

OOOO Psychomachia

The Baali practitioner is able to summon the Beast in an individual. After using sense the sin to discern weakness, the Baali practitioner can coax the Beast to the surface. The victim must roll against his greatest weakness (Will roll difficulty 15) or fly into a frenzy any insanities possessed by victim will be in full evidence. The character using this ability on another adds 1 to temporary Beastial.  The character sent into a frenzy adds 4 to his beastial.


The Baali may cast a curse on a target. One of the target's traits, chosen by practitioner, will drop to zero for the duration depending on successes. Intelligence + Baali (difficulty target's Will +10). The character using this ability on another adds 1 to temporary Beastial.due to the demon's influence upon the act.

Successes Effect
Flub One of the practitioner's traits drops by four points for the duration of the scene.
1 success The curse lasts for one hour.
2 successes The curse lasts for 6 hours.
3 successes The curse lasts for 12 hours.
4 successes The curse lasts for 24 hours.
5 successes The curse lasts for one week.
This discipline is a strict path of meditation and mind exercises designed to help one control his passions and maintain control of his Beast. If practitioner of Bardo does not at least once a week enter a safe haven (ie an area that they are allowed access that has pillar of strength) they begin to lose any powers of and advantages gained from Bardo.  Also subtract one from willpower until they regain use of their pillar of strength.  This discipline is heavily used by a subsect of the Salubri that believe that the Beast is evil and as such should be removed from the character.
    Where as Golconda is acceptance of the Beast.  Bardo is the steady subjugation of the Beast.  The character's Beastial rating + Bardo rating may not equal more than 10.  Also subract the Bardo rating from the character's effective Beastial rating for both positive and negative effects.  The character cannot have both this discipline and Golconda since they are so strongly opposed in outlook. The character may voluntarily surrender their rating in either for the other.  When the first dot is gained in either remove the other.  The character cannot have Golconda and Bardo due to their different philosophies.

O Restore Humanitus

This discipline allows the character to lessen the effect of a gained Beastial point.  This discipline must be used within a week of gaining the permanent beastial point.  The user must meditate for a number of hours equal to the Beastial level they wish to lose.  The character rolls Empathy + Bardo (difficulty is 10 + Beastial rating to be lost).  Empathy, and Bardo ratings lost are not restored.This roll may only be attempted once per humanity loss.

OO Banish Sign

The vampire has learned a mystic gesture that can defend against any supernatural influences for one hour. Roll intelligence + Bardo difficulty 15. The number of successes is the number added to the difficulty of any supernatural power being worked upon the Bardo practitioner.

OOO Reaffirm Connection

This discipline allows the practitioner of Bardo to reaffirm himself. This allows the recovery of willpower. The practitioner regains willpower as if one age category higher than normal when they are fulfilling the requirements of this discipline.  The level above 1 day is  1/4 hours.
The character may also permanently add willpower points (roll Will  + Bardo difficulty willpower attempting to gain +10).  However, a flub on this roll removes a willpower point from the character's maximum. This discipline takes ten minutes to regain temporarily lost willpower and one hour to gain willpower. However, if the character enters a meditative trance add one extra die per success on the original meditation roll. The meditation to use this ability takes one hour and cannot be interrupted.

OOOO Pillar of Strength

The practitioner of Bardo may create a safe haven where the study and meditation of Bardo is easier. Any spells or supernatural effects practiced within this area add +5 to the character's roll (though if the supernatural effect is anything that harms another being pillar of strength is immediately removed and can never be placed in that room again).
The pillar takes an hour to put up and must be daily maintained or it degenerates. Roll Will + Bardo (difficulty depending on location and how easily the cares of the world are blocked out of that location).

OOOOO Giving

This allows the use of Bardo level one through 3 on others. The practitioner of Bardo takes the target on a mystical journey within themselves. This effect takes three hours. Roll target's Will + practitioner's Bardo skill (difficulty is +3 of the target's normal difficulty to use the effect.)
Transferring of the banishing sign is difficulty 15.

This discipline is believed to be an offshoot of dominate. It allows the control of a victim's psyche but in much more subtle and unpredictable ways. Some believe the discipline was invented by a fairykin.

O Passion

The victim feels more emotional about everything. Whatever the victim feels is doubled or tripled in intensity. The duration is based on a  Attractiveness + Dementation roll (difficulty the target's Will  + 10).

Successes Effect
Flub The effect takes place on the practitioner.
1 success The effect lasts for one turn.
2 successes The effect lasts for ten minutes.
3 successes The effect lasts for 1 hour.
4 successes The effect lasts for one day.
5 successes. The effect lasts for one week.
OO Mind Tricks

The vampire is able to induce hallucinations in the corner of the victim's perception putting him very on edge add 3 to difficulty to resist frenzy and losses of control. The images appear real but only appear for a second or two at a time. The practitioner has no effect over the actual images. The victim rolls Will + dementation (difficulty equal to victim's Intelligence + Awareness/Notice +5).

Successes Effect
Flub The effect takes place on the practitioner.
1 success The effect lasts for 24 hours..
2 successes The effect lasts for 48 hours.
3 successes The effect lasts for 1 week.
4 successes The effect lasts for one month.
5 successes. The effect lasts for three months..

OOO Eyes of Chaos

This power allows the character to perceive the insanity in another. It also allows the character the chance to see the true nature of another. The practitioner rolls Intelligence + Dementation. (Difficulty 25 discover true nature upon meeting another, difficulty 20 discover true nature after knowing a while, discover general derangements and general sanity level upon meeting, difficulty 15 discover general derangements and sanity level after knowing for a while). This power can also be used to discern motives in the insane by examining the patterns of what they do. (difficulty tends to be quite high but may get low depending on how much information the practitioner has).

OOOO Confusion

The practitioner can make her victim feel confused and totally disoriented just by looking him in the eye and talking to him. The victim will be only moderately aware of his memories and will be constantly confused and wander around in a daze. The victim can spend a willpower point to act normally for a turn. The practitioner rolls Will + dementation (difficulty target's Will + 10)

Successes Effect
Flub The effect takes place on the practitioner.
1 success The effect lasts for 1 turn.
2 successes The effect lasts for 10 minutes.
3 successes The effect lasts for one hour.
4 successes The effect lasts for one night.
5 successes. The effect lasts for one week.

OOOOO Total Insanity

This power allows the practitioner to drive her victim insane. The victim gains 5 derangements. The victim must be completely focused on the practitioner for this power to have any effect. Roll Will + Dementation (difficulty = victim's Will +10).
Once the time limit is passed roll target's Will (difficulty 12) for each derangement. If there are no successes that derangement is permanent in a lessened form.

Successes Effect
Flub The effect takes place on the practitioner for one hour.
1 success The effect lasts for 1 turn.
2 successes The effect lasts for one hour.
3 successes The effect lasts for twenty-four hours.
4 successes The effect lasts for one week.
5 successes. The effect lasts for one month. 
Melopominee is the use of voice and song for various mystical effects. It is believed to be an offshoot of Presence or Katalavehno .

O The Missing Voice

This power allows the practitioner to cause his voice to emit from any location within view. The voice operates independently of the practitioner and he can talk at the same time his voice sings (or speaks) elsewhere. If the practitioner undertakes any other actions while his voice is elsewhere he add 5 to the difficulty of all rolls.

OO Tourette's Voice

This power allows the practitioner to project her voice to any point or person with which she is familiar. The practitioner will not hear the sounds unless she is within earshot. The character makes a Will + Melopominee roll (difficulty 15) each success allows the character to speak for one turn. Difficulty may go up with great distances.
Thepradctitioner can use any other power of Melopominee through torero's voice at the cost of 1 willpower point.

OOO Enchanting Voice

This power allows the practitioner to entrance others with his voice. The target will sit still in awe of the practitioner's voice, until the practitioner stops singing. The practitioner makes a Appearance + Melopominee roll (difficulty equal to the target's Will + 10). The victim may roll to resist the effect in the beginning and each time the situation surrounding him drastically changes.  To resist the target rolls Will +6 difficulty equal to the practitioner's roll)

OOOO Art's Traumatic Essence

This power may cause others to lose their sanity. This power may only affect one target at a time. The practitioner makes a Will + Melopominee roll (difficulty target's Will +10). The practitioner in an extended action must accumulate a number of successes equal to the subject's Will rating. Once this happens the target gains a derangement. (If the sanity rules are being used the target also loses 1 sanity point.)  The derangement is permanent though may be overcome naturally.

OOOOO Death of the Drum

The character can use their singing voice to damage to another. The victim must be within earshot. The practitioner rolls Body Type + Melopominee (difficulty equal to the victim's Body Type +10). Each success does one level of aggravated damage.

This discipline relates to the powers of death. The discipline gathers powers of various sorts that allows them to manipulate the various aspects of death.

O Mask of Death

This power allows the practitioner or a chosen victim to assume the appearance of a corpse. Their flesh becomes taunt and sallow and their joints grow rigid and stiff. The character must expend a blood point to do the affect on himself. If the character is attempting to use this power on another he must touch the victim, spend a blood point and roll Will + Mortis skill (difficulty equal to the victim's Body Type +10).
The effect lasts until dusk or dawn (if the sun is already in the sky the sun must go down, if the sun isn't in the sky the sun must come up). Those under the influence subtract two from their dexterity and appearance (minimum 1). A vampire so affected may spend two blood points to remove its effects.

OO Blight

This power allows the character to cause rapid aging in an opponent. The victim begins to suffer the effects of old age,: skin becomes pallid and thin, bones become brittle, and the victim may begin to experience arthritis (or other physical ailments of the elderly). The character must touch the opponent, spend a willpower point and make a number of successes equal to the 1/2 the opponent's Body Type on a Will + mortis roll (difficulty equal to the opponent's Will +10).
The victim suffers all the affects of extreme old age. Subtract 5 from all physical attributes, subtract 2 from sight, hearing and smell perception rolls. Supernaturals are also affected by this power though supernatural methods of raising attributes can still be used. A living being under this affect risks heart failure if engaging in strenuous activity (though the definition of strenuous tends to differ for different supernaturals). The effects last until the following dusk or dawn.

OOO Awaken

The character can pull herself or another from torpor. The character must spend two willpower points and roll Will + mortis (difficulty equal to 13 + Beastial x2 of the person power is used on). Any person affected by this power must be touched. If the subject was driven into torpor by blood loss the subject returns with one blood point.

OOOO Death's Whisper

The character assumes a state rather like death. The character is not burned by sunlight or holy objects (though things that would normally damage them still do so). However, the character is essentially a corpse. The character's cannot use disciplines of any kind, cannot move, and is unaware of their surroundings. For the duration of the power he is truly dead. The character can spend two blood points to exit this state. The character needs no sustenance when in this state and does not burn blood.

OOOOO Sicken

By touching an individual the character can cause the victim to experience an early death (torpor for vampires and some supernaturals don't truly die from it). The victim's if living begin to cough up blood, and have a sunken eyes, swollen lymphs and a sickly pallor. Within 24 hours all bodily functions of the victim cease. The vampire who is so affected falls into torpor immediately. Regenerating supernaturals may roll several health rolls to survive the affect (number decided by how well they regenerate). The vampire must touch the intended victim spend two willpower points and roll Will + mortis (difficulty equal to target's Will +10). Success indicates that the target will expire.

5 + O Zombie

The practitioner of mortis by giving a corpse their blood may reanimate the body, creating an undead servant that serves its master until it falls into decay. The walking corpse cannot talk though its vocal cords work for some time yet. The pracitioner to reanimate a corpse feeds it one blood point for each day they wish the zombie to exist. The created zombie is automatically the subject of a strong blood bound to the practitioner.
The zombie so created appears much as the original corpse did at the time of creation. The zombie as all the same physical attributes and a limited self awareness and intelligence (subtract one from all mental attributes). These zombies automatically crumble to dust once the original number of blood points is used. This power cannot extend the time a zombie exists (though other powers of mortis may be able to do so).

This discipline was created by an ancient group of assassins long killed off. This discipline alters the practitioners or others blood. Quietus always spends blood even if the practitioner is not a vampire.

O Silence of Death

Level 1 is believed to be a magical effect that makes a mystical shield of blood around the character. This power creates a 20 foot radius zone of silence centered on the character. Any sounds outside the zone can be heard normally. One blood point must be spent to use this effect.

OO Weakness

The practitioner sends a point of blood to the surface of his palms which become coated with this blood. This blood reduces the victim's Stamina (lower Saves by two and BTM by 1 for each touch). The blood on the palm only lasts for one turn (though may last for as many attacks as can be gotten in one turn). Roll Will + Quietus (difficulty target's Body Type + Fortitudex2 + 10). If the target is reduced to zero Body (for purposes of saves) they fall unconscious until one of their Body points comes back. The number of successes defines how long the Stamina is lost.

Successes Effect
Flub Subtract one from stamina of the practitioner.
1 success The effect lasts one turn.
2 successes The effect lasts one minute.
3 successes The effect lasts one hour.
4 successes The effect lasts one day.
5 successes The effect lasts one week.
OOO Disease

The practitioner sends a blood point to the surface of his palms and spends two more. This blood effectively reduces Reflexes and Body Type by two on a successful strike. The character rolls Will + Quietus (difficulty target's Body Type + Fortitudex2 + 3).. The duration is identical to Weakness. If either Reflexes or Body are reduced to zero the victim cannot move until a point returns. The blood on the palms must be reformed each turn (ie costing 3 blood points each turn to use).

OOOO Blood Agony

With this power the practitioner of Quietus makes his blood cause aggravated wounds. The blood must actually be on a weapon that cuts the skin. The weapon does its normal damage but this damage is aggravated. One blood point must be spent for each aggravated wound that can be caused by the weapon. The blood can only be washed off by blood (thought it does not necessarily have to be vampiric). Any weapon smaller than a large arrowhead is too small to hold sufficient blood. A weapon so coated can usually handle about 5 strikes at an enemy before all the  blood is washed off (storyteller discresion as to the amount of blood that hit the blade.

OOOOO Taste of Death

The vampire can spit blood at another that causes aggravated wounds to another on contract with the skin. This attack power has a range of 5 feet per point of the strength aspects of Body Type (therefore each dot of potence adds +25 feet to the distance). Each blood point causes 2d6 aggravated damage and covers a range of 1/2 meter. No more than two blood points can be spit in one attack.

This discipline was most likely created by an Indian shaman turned into a vampire. The disciplines powers come from spiritual forces believed to exist in nature.

O Speak with Spirits

The practitioner can speak telepathically to whatever spirits are present by rolling Will + Spiritus (difficulty 15). This effect lasts for one turn per success. This will not alter the spirit's reaction to the practitioner. This power allows the practitioner to hear the spirit's response but does not force the spirit to respond.

OO Summon Spirit Beasts

The practitioner can call upon animal spirits to aid him. The spirits can take any actions that they could take in real life and will be able to telepathically communicate with the practitioner. The spirit will be predisposed to the practitioner. The practitioner rolls Appearance + Spiritus (difficulty 15) each success decides how long the spirit may remain corporeal and how powerful the creature can be.

Successes Effect
Flub A creature is called but dislikes the practitioner and tries to annoy or attack him.
1 success The creature is corporeal for one turn and is nothing more powerful than a bobcat.
2 successes The creature is corporeal for five turns and is nothing more powerful than a large raptor.
3 successes The creature is corporeal for one hour and is nothing more powerful than a midsized feline.
4 successes The creature is corporeal for one night and is nothing more powerful than the great cats or a wild stag.
5 successes The creature is corporeal for one week and is nothing more powerful than an elephant or rhino.
OOO Aspect of the Beast

The practitioner can gain the abilities of animals by calling upon animal spirits to grant them that power. The practitioner spends one blood (or vitae) and rolls Will + Spiritus (difficulty base difficulty 15 but modifiers may be added by power of ability and distance from the creature's natural habitat). The power lasts for 5 minutes per success.

OOOO Engling Fury

The practitioner can use the spirit's of animals to regain their willpower. The practitioner rolls Will + Spiritus (difficulty 18). For each success the practitioner regains one willpower. The animal spirit loses 1 willpower + 1 willpower/success gained on the roll.  If the animal spirit goes to zero willpower it is discorporated until it can gain more willpower (several weeks).
Using this power adds 1 temporary beastial

OOOOO The Wildebeast

The practitioner is able to take on a feral state. This feral state is rather catlike. The practitioner's Reflexes is increased by 6, Body Type is increased by 4. Appearance is reduced by 4, Appearance for purposes of manipulation is reduced by 6.
The practitioner most resembles a humanoid cat about 6 inches taller and about twice the muscle mass. The form has a long tail used for balance and is covered with fur. The practitioner has claws and fangs that do 2d6 aggravated damage. Smelling hearing and nightvision improve to twice normal. This form is colorblind.  this form lasts until the practitioner leaves it.
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