Power Effects

    The Supers Addon to Taloran uses the philosophy of relevant power effects.  In short, the particular effect of the power is all that really matters.  How it does that effect has very minor effect on the game system itself.  Creating super powered beings requires a very strong knowledge of the character you are creating.  The player must first decide on the effect of the power.  (An example of this might be "Firebolt wants to be able to shoot a bolt of flame at an opponent.")  From this effect you decide on a power that has this effect.  (Sounds like ranged attack fits the bill for the example above).   Next you decide on the special effects.  These are the things that do not have any effect on the system but effects things positively if the circumstance are right and negatively if circumstances are wrong.  Then you decide if the power has any advantages or disadvantages.  Advantages make powers more expensive but more useful.  Disadvantages make powers less expensive but less useful.

Special Effects
    There are several special rules.

  1. Unless otherwise stated all powers have a sensory special effect to two senses.  This can be any two but require gm approval.  The gm should keep a close eye on the sensory effects chosen.
  2. Special effects can have some effect on the effectiveness of the power depending on circumstances.  The gm should be sure that these special effects are relatively equal.
  3. The special effect must be such that it is obvious that the power is coming from the character.
  4. To alter the above rules usually requires power modifiers.
  5. The special effect also allows for the manifestation of related powers.  Though these require gm approval.
Buying Powers
    Each individual power has a standard cost.  The character spends power points to purchase their powers.

Power Modifiers
    Power Modifiers alter the cost of the powers while making them either more or less useful.  The power modifiers are described in the power description section.  The game use of how it alters cost is in this section.  Powers have a cost associated with them per level.  Power modifiers are added to the initial cost of each level.  These cost can be in portions of a point but are rounded up for the total cost of the power (after all levels or bought).

    Power modifiers are all combined together to get the total cost of the modifiers.  So if you have several positive and several negative modifiers the added together power modifier is your total power modifier.  Power modifiers come in quarter points with a negative or positive value.  To get the by level cost of the power you multiply the power by the power modifier and add the result to the by level cost of the power.  (For all the mathematically unfriendly out there sorry I can't figure out an easy unmathematically challenging system that wouldn't require the gm to constantly add powers)  For the most part only powers should have modifiers though occasionally it might be appropriate to have merits, flaws, skills or attributes that have modifiers as well.
    As an example of the above formula.  Firebolt has a flaming bolt is a ranged killing attack +3 per level.  It has the following modifiers at range +1/2 explosive +1/2 gestures -1/2 giving it a total modifier cost of +1/2.  The modifier cost is then multiplied by 3 (the cost of the power) giving a total cost of 1.5.  The total cost of the power it then 3 (the cost of the power) + 1.5 (the cost of the modifiers for that power) which is 4.5 per level.

Super Merits and Flaws

Super merits and flaws are those merits that are only appropriate for supers.  At GM's option The player may freely spend super power points on supernatural merits as well as any others that are appropriate.

Standard Super Powers Rules

    Super powers have a standard range of 1 hex per level unless otherwise stated in the power description.  When purchasing the at range modifier this allows the power access to this range.

    Super powers standardly must be reactivated each turn unless otherwise stated in the power description.

Vitae Cost
    Super powers cost one vitae per turn to use unless otherwise stated in the power description.

Special Rules

Playing an established supernatural

    Some players may wish to play an established supernatural in a supers game using already established advantages and disadvantages.  The following chart gives a freebie/superpoint cost for each supernatural.  All other super power points will be converted to freebie points which may be spent freely.  However, the thus created supernatural does not gain the advantage of beginning supernatural points (discipline dots, gifts etc must be bought with freebie points).  The character may spend beginning points on supernatural skills.
    Not all supernaturals will be available in all worlds or in all forms the gm is final arbitor of which are allowed in his/her world.  This list has not been roleplay tested.
Supernatural Super Power Point Cost
Lillanite Vampire +15 Super Power Points
Cainite Vampire +15 Super Power Points
Demonkin +15 Super Power Points
Fairy +25 Super Power Points
Angel +150 Super Power Points
Demon +100 Super Power Points
Magus +10 Super Power Points
True Magus +20 Super Power Points
Werecreature +25 Super Power Points
Mummy +50 Super Power Points
Construct +25 Super Power Points
Psychic +15 Super Power Points

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