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Welcome to the Supers Addon to the Talorian Gaming System.  I've added everything I liked to my system I figured it was time to add my ultimate childhood enjoyment comic books.  There are many different super hero roleplaying games and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  I'm doing this addon because I like my system and enjoy running games in it.  I also like crossover games (as should be obvious from the rest of the text) and like the convenience of being able to do them with little extra effort.  This addon is here to accomplish those two goals.  The philosophy of power creation is straight from Champions though the actual way the powers works are altered in rather extreme ways..  If you want to play champions I suggest you buy that game this does not make a viable addon to champions.
This system is meant to be generic and there is no specific world created for this system as of yet.  I would suggest not allowing use of this system in any world that is not specifically designed for it.

Super Power Points

Super power points are a number of points given to buy super powers.  A power point is approximately of equal value to a freebie point in effectiveness.  Super power points are much  more variable because they can be used to buy several things that freebie points cannot be used to buy.

Super Power Points may be used to:

Power points differ depending on the level of game being run.  Super Flaws should be limited to 30 points.  This is in addition to the normal 10 points of flaws rule.  GM's may alter the number of super flaws that a character may take.
Power level of Game Super Power Points Power level of Game  Super Power Points
Normal 0 Super Powered 75
Low Powered 15 High Powered 125
Low Powered Plus 30 Ultrahigh powered 300 +
The Game master will set all the limitations for powers allowed and power level.

Normal games should not have any super powers present at all.  If supernaturals exist use the established rules for them.

Low Powered games are games for those characters with few special abilities.  An example of this sort might be a misfits of science style game.  Mystery Men is another good example of this style game.

Low Powered Plus games are still in the same range but ranging closer to the powers present in such comics as DP7 near the beginning.

Super Powered games are those at the power level of most comics when they are in their most serious phase.  The people involved have real power but are by no stretch of the imagination godlike.  Such heroes as spiderman and the fantastic four are in this power range.

High Powered games are those games with such heroes as the X-men (in their more four colored phases) and the Avengers.  The heroes trounce on things but very often are required to save the world from those who can trounce even more.

Ultrahigh Powered games are made for those games where the supers are so powerful that only world threatening threats are of any use to challenge the characters.

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