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Ghoul Families


The most common possessors of constructs are Followers of Set and Giovanni and Demonkin.) The Samedi have a great number of Construct monsters to protect their clan havens.  To possess a construct requires either sufficient magic to create the creature on your own or paying a merit cost for a powerful ghoul (the catchall for all powerful servants)

Constructs are spirits who have been taken from the spirit world and placed in a physical form created by the use of powerful magics. Constucts may look like anything though the humanoid constructs are more successful.

Constructs tend to live in very powerful physical forms. For this reason a construct has three extra dots to place in physical attributes, for purposes of this appearance counts as a physical attribute. All physical attributes may go up to 7 or down to 0 (appearance still counts as a physical attribute).

Constructs may possess Vitae Thamaturgy, Psychic gifts and Vampiric Disciplines. (the appropriate merits must still be bought). Constructs begin the game with 3 dots to place in vampiric disciplines or vitae thamaturgy. Constructs may also freely enter the umbra with the aid of a mirrored surface. All psychic gifts must be bought with freebie points. Constructs must be taught any disciplines other than auspex, celerity I and II, fortitude or potence. Constructs must buy the psychic gift merit to have psychic gifts.

Constructs have a vitae pool that replinishes at a rate of 1/4 hours.  The pools maximum is 10.  This powers anything that normally costs blood much as for Demonkin.

Constructs may also possess special merits and flaws based on their physical form. (example wings, spidery fingers, webshooters). Constructs do not age physically.


A Ghoul is a mortal who drinks vampiric blood regularly. Due to this they have several advantages. Most vampires use them as servants and the blood bond tends to keep them loyal.   All clans have their ghouls except for the Demonkin who cannot produce ghouls.

Ghoul advantages

1. They do not age as long as they continue to drink vampiric blood. They must hold 1/4 volume point of vampiric blood in them for one month.  This volume point disappears once per month unless replinished.

2. They may hold in themselves 1/2 volume point of vampiric blood. This blood replaces their normal blood. To keep the full 1/2 volume point of vampire blood in their system they must replace it once every week. The blood they hold may be used to power disciplines, or heal themselves, however, keep in mind that means they are short that blood and may be weakened. Ghouls cannot spend their human vitae to power vampiric disciplines like a demonkin or construct can.

3. A ghoul gains for free one dot in the most appropriate physical or natural discipline for that clan. The automatic disciplines tends to go in this range whichever the clan has in this order: Potence, Fortitude, Auspex, Presence, Dominate, Obfuscate. If the clan has none of these the default is Potence or Fortitude (random die roll).

4. A ghoul may learn additional disciplines but must actually have a teacher they are limited to their maximum level by the blood power of their vampire master. 13-10 generation 2 level disciplines, 9-8 generation 3rd level disciplines, 7-6 generation 4th level disciplines, 5-4 generation 5th level disciplines, 3-2 generation 6th generation disciplines, 1st generation is unknown.

Ghoul's disadvantages:

1. Ghouls possess a Beastial rating.

2. Ghouls are detectable as wyrm-tainted though the difficulty is 4 higher.

3. Ghouls have difficulties entering churches or associating with religious icons (unless twisted in some way). A Ghoul has a +1 difficulty to any rolls when in the presence of religious icons.

4. Ghouls gain some aspect of their vampiric master's clan flaw. This is listed with the clan information.

Ghouls when they no longer have vampiric blood in their system age at different rates depending on how long they have been a ghoul the power of the vampire's blood makes no difference. Also all ghoul advantages and disadvantages fade when there is no longer vampiric blood in their system. For this reason ghouls tend to be a bit over cautious with their vampiric blood. Note a ghoul only ages to their natural age.
time as ghoul in years aging rate
20-40 1 year for every half year
41-60 1 year for every quarter year
60-120 1 year for every month
121-200 1 year for every week
201-400 1 year for every day
401-600 1 year for every hour
601-800 1 year for every minute
801-up 1 year for every second

Ghoul Family

A ghoul family is a group of humans who are the progeny of two persons who were ghouls. The ghoul cannot bear or sire children while drinking vampiric blood however, the ghoul may allow the blood to fade from their system and produce children normally. The first child does not have the special abilities of a ghoul family member. But if that person mates with a ghoul as well then their child is a ghoul family member (or revanant). Ghoul families are common among all the vampiric clans except Samedi
To have a revenant as a personal servant requires paying merit points or paying extra background points depending on the power of the ghoul.

The most common clans to have possession of a ghoul family in order are  Aeneais, Alexandrians, Bathory, Children of LillithDracaens, Followers of Set, Giovanni, Hataerae, and Ravnos.  There will be special rules for the Ghoul Families within each clan in the clanbooks.

The ghoul family member is essentially a super ghoul.

ghoul family advantages:

1. They do not age as long as they continue to drink vampiric blood. They must continue to drink vampiric blood and keep 1/4 blood volume point of true vampire blood in their system to prevent aging.  They age slowly even when not drinking vampiric blood. They have approximately double a human lifespan.

2. All of their blood may be spent as if it was vampiric blood they have a blood strength of 1.5 though this blood does not count as vampiric blood to prevent aging. That blood volume point remains at the bottom of their blood pool. They also have a slightly larger than normal blood pool.  They can hold 1/2 extra blood volume point over their basic blood volume but this is the drunk vampiric blood. Their blood cannot produce the bloodbond or create another ghoul.

3. A revanant produces one point of vampiric blood each day.

3. A revenant gains for free one dot in the clan ghoul discipline. These are listed in the Clan's list.  This discipline is the clan ghoul discipline of the first vampire they drunk from.

4. A revenant may learn additional disciplines up to a maximum of level five. They do not require a teacher.

Revenants disadvantages:

1. Revenants possess a Beastial rating.

2. Revenants are detectable as Wyrm-tainted though the difficulty is 2 higher.

3. Revenants have difficulties entering churches or associating with religious icons (unless twisted in some way). A Revenants has a +1 difficulty to any rolls when in the presence of religious icons.

4. Revenant gains the ghoul flaw from their clan.  If they have a family history from more than one clan they gain both flaw aspects. . These are listed in clans section.

Revenants when they no longer have vampiric blood in their system age at different rates depending on how long they have been a ghoul the power of the vampire's blood makes no difference. Note a revenant only ages to their natural age.

Length of ghouldom Aging rate
Time as ghoul in years aging rate
40-80 1 year for every half year
81-120 1 year for every quarter year
121-400 1 year for every month
401- 600 1 year for every week
601-800 1 year for every day
801-1200 1 year for every hour
1201-1600 1 year for every minute
1601-up 1 year for every second


Spirits are most commonly the servants and slaves of the Dracaen, Giovanni, Followers of Set or Demonkin that specializes in spirits. Rare individuals also have spirit friends so they are included here.

There are two primary types of spirits. There are spirits that are some sort of elemental force (called elementals) and their are spirits of deceased beings (called ghosts). The difference in these two types of creature is shown by the type of psychic gifts the character has, the physical form they hold, and the type of skills they possess.

The spirit self of a spirit is fully Awakened and is in fact the whole of a spirit's being.

Spirits are psychic without paying the freebie point merit to be a psychic. Spirits also start with 4 dots to put into psychic gifts (must be giftedness factor 8 or under).

Spirits naturally heal damage done to them at a rate of one health level per hour. Spirits can only be harmed by weapons and effects capable of doing aggrevated damage or beings who are in the astral realm.

Spirits cannot affect the physical realm except by the use of appropriate psychic gifts.

Spirits percieve the spirit and physical world equally.

Spirits can be exorcised (pushed into the umbra in a random direction by appropriate affects).

Spirits are inperceptable by normal means but are perceptable by any beings very slight connection to the spirit realm. This perception will manifest itself as a slight empathic feeling depending on the intentions of the spirit. This affect does not manifest if the spirit manifests otherwise or if the person can naturally percieve the spirit realm. Roll to detect the spirit in this manner Intelligence + Occult dif 18 for complete mundane dif 15 for any supernatural.


Elementals will tend to have a less human appearance though it is suggested that it be humanoid. The elemental's psychic gifts will tend to relate to certain elemental forces. Elemental's skills will be more related to the spirit realm and less related to the human realm.


Ghosts will tend to have an idealized version of their physical form in life. They may slightly manipulate this form without buying a gift (ie change clothes, hairstyle) The ghost's psychic gifts run the gambit they will tend to be broad and encompass several very different areas. Ghost's skills will tend to come from dealing with the human realm and their life before.
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