Basic Talorian Index
The Basics
    This section includes everything you need if you want to create your own world and use the system.  You can't play at all without this part of the system.

Basic Talorian System

General Backgrounds General Merits and Flaws Standardized Addons
    This section includes addons that are going to be used in many of my worlds but some settings will use it some will not.

Alien Race Creation System

Martial Arts Organization System Super Powers Addon

        This link takes you to the super powers addon.  There is no specific world set aside for use with this system as of yet.  This system allows the playing of comic book style superheroes.

Ship Creation System

Supernatural Addons

True Magic

    This system allows for the creation of old magic systems.


    This gives the rules for thaumaturgy
Beastial  Lillanite Vampire Camarilla Vampire Sabbat Vampire Anarch Vampire